Dog Guidelines

The Herrington Inn & Spa welcomes companion and service dogs, subject to certain restrictions, requirements, and expectations. Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a comfortable stay for you, your dog, and other hotel guests.  For the safety and comfort of our guests, The Herrington Inn & Spa maintains only a certain number of pet-friendly rooms at each of our locations. If you wish to bring your dog with you, you must inform the hotel as soon as possible. If we do not have a pet-friendly room available for the duration of your stay, we reserve the right to provide an alternative room at a different rate.


Up to two (2) dogs per room, each under 75lbs, may accompany a guest for the duration of their stay. There will be a $100 pre-tax fee per dog, first night, plus a $25pre-tax fee for each additional day of your stay, charged in addition to the standard room rate. All dogs must be registered with the front desk upon arrival.



For the safety of your pet, our staff, and our guests, the following rules must be adhered to, or will result in a request to vacate the property without refund:

Dogs may not be left alone in the hotel room - for the safety of the pet, our guests, and our employees.

Dogs, other than one assisting a person with a disability, are prohibited from entering any food service areas such as the restaurant (indoor and outdoor), lounge banquet area, as well as from entering any common areas such as The Spa and courtyard. 

Except while in the hotel room, dogs must always be accompanied by an adult and must be kept on a leash or in a travel carrier, properly restrained.

Pets are expected to conduct themselves accordingly for the comfort of all guests. If a pet causes an ongoing disturbance, we reserve the right to remove your pet or cancel your stay without refund.

Housekeeping Services

Our Housekeeping can provide service to your room or provide turndown service only if the owner is present in the room, and the pet is restrained. Please contact the Front Desk to arrange for a convenient time to service your room.

You are required to clean up any pet messes or soiling within the hotel (including in your room & hotel grounds). An excess cleaning fee will be charged if housekeeping is required to clean up after your pet. You will similarly be charged for any damage that your pet causes to the room, including but not limited to stained or clawed carpet, soiled bedding, excessive odor, or clawed walls or furniture. Please do not use hotel linens, sheets, comforters, pillows, or towels for your pets.

Pet Behavior

As the guest, you are solely responsible for your pet’s behavior. If a dog causes any disruption or disturbance to other guests or employees, we reserve the right to request you and your dog to vacate the property without refund.  Additionally, if your pet causes damage to the person or property of another (including to the hotel, guests, or employees), you will be solely responsible for all damage and injuries.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are welcome at The Herrington Inn, without a fee. Service dogs assisting a person with a disability will be permitted into other facilities as appropriate. However, all other requirements above will still apply to service dogs, including weight restrictions and behavioral expectations.  No more than 2 dogs are permitted.  

Failure to follow these requirements will result in the guest and/or pets being required to leave the hotel without a refund.