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Congratulations to Anne and Rachel, first same-sex wedding at The Herrington Inn

June 17, 2014 • Hotels & TravelLocal AttractionsSpecial EventsUncategorizedWeddingsWine & Spirits0 Comments

It was a romantic day etched softly on the hearts of those that were here to witness this epic celebration.  Epic because Anne and Rachel exchanged vows exactly fifteen years after their first date.

On June 1st, 2014, the lonesome caveat to the day was that the couple had to wait until the following morning to obtain their signed marriage license due to county office hours.  Click here for Chicago Tribune story on that part of their journey.

Friends, their Officiant, and family traveled to The Herrington Inn & Spa, in Geneva, IL from near and far to help the couple celebrate their 15th anniversary in a most special wedding ceremony on a historic day for Illinois same-sex marriages.

When touring locations for their ceremony and reception, the couple quickly bonded with Deanne Mitchell,  veteran wedding planner at The Herrington Inn & Spa.  The girls knew they were in good hands with Deanne, and quickly placed their trust in her to flawlessly orchestrate their dream wedding.

Congratulations on beginning your married life together, Anne and Rachel!  We are so happy that you selected The Herrington Inn & Spa for your big day!  We look forward to having you back to celebrate future anniversaries!

Anne and Rachel’s wedding – June 1st, 2014 at The Herrington Inn & Spa in Geneva





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Benefits of Single Ceremony and Reception Venue

March 12, 2014 • Weddings0 Comments

Benefits of Selecting a Single Location for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception


Single location wedding ceremonies once fit the bill for inter-faith or non-denominational couples, but in 2014 we are seeing many more couples selecting a single venue for their entire celebration.   A single wedding venue offers convenience in timing and transportation to guests and the wedding party while alleviating the accompanying stress.


Many couples will learn through trying to coordinate dates and times for both the wedding ceremony and reception can be difficult when utilizing two venues.   This can lead to a considerable gap between the ceremony and reception which leaves guests with too much time on their hands, and their hosts a burden of scheduling another activity or gathering to keep the guest list occupied before the reception begins.


Wedding guests especially appreciate one venue.  Driving to multiple locations can be confusing and time consuming, especially for out of town guests who are not familiar with the area.  Guests have more time to enjoy everything the wedding day has to offer.


A single venue can also be more economical.  You can save on transportation costs when booking a limousine service for only a specific drop-off or pick-up time rather than an extended block of time. Additionally, ceremony fees associated with a place of worship seem to be higher than the fee for an on-site ceremony.


For a fabulous, single venue dream wedding, consider The Herrington Inn & Spa in Geneva, Illinois. The charming, European country-inn style venue offers both an indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony location and options for luncheon or dinner reception packages.  Outdoor wedding ceremonies take place in the stunning water front courtyard with a breathtaking view of the beautiful gardens and water in the heart of Geneva’s downtown.

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The 10 Benefits of a Wedding Planner

January 24, 2014 • Weddings0 Comments

What an exciting time! You just got engaged and you now have the opportunity to plan the wedding of your dreams.  As thrilling as this might sound, many couples become extremely overwhelmed with the process, the time required, the research and the differences of opinion.  This is supposed to be the most memorable time of your life, however, without an expert to help facilitate your wishes and orchestrate the details, it often becomes a grueling time for the couples, the families involved and also the wedding party.

While hiring a Wedding Planner may appear to add additional cost to your overall wedding budget, the benefits can far exceed the cost allowing you to streamline your costs. The great news is that The Herrington Inn offers our highly experienced Wedding Planner as part of each Wedding Package. Even better! So, what are the benefits of having a Wedding Planner at your fingertips? Here are the top ten reasons why?

1.  Trained Professional

A good Wedding planner has a vast knowledge of all items related to weddings. The planner has seen it all and can eliminate regrets from being a first-timer! Many couples go into the wedding planning process without knowing the first thing about timelines and all the necessary details. Wedding Planners can save the preventable disasters down the road.

2. Eliminate the Stress 

One reason many couples opt to higher a planner is lack of time. Weddings are difficult to plan on your own and the planning is not always as fun as it sounds. Having a Wedding Planner is like having a personal assistant who is there to do all of the calling, ordering, and looking after details that you may not have time to deal with. They help eliminate the stress and worries so you enjoy this exciting time.

3. Share the Latest Trends 

They are also up on the latest trends, traditions and etiquette and can assist with everything from updating your Facebook account to assisting with virtual wedding guests.

4. Budget Advising 

While many might see a Wedding Planner as unnecessary luxury, it has been proven that a good Wedding Planner can help you actually save five to 10 percent on your wedding. A Wedding Planner has time to comparison shop, help you understand your options, provide alternatives and keep you on budget.

5. Assist with the Entire Process

Another reason to hire a wedding planner is to assist with the entire process, which can, for some be a year or more. With so many details and requirements to string together, a Wedding Planner has the years of experience to smoothly make your ideas and wishes become a reality.

6. Instill Organization 

Organization skills are a must when it comes to planning a wedding that runs like clockwork. Your Wedding Planner will have a game plan, an organized checklist in place—every step of the way. From timelines, appointment schedules, and itineraries, every moment will be documented and well-planned to put you at easy and to orchestrate the perfect wedding for you!

7. Creative Guidance 

While you might have a particular theme or color palette in mind, a Wedding Planner has the creativity and experience to enhance your ideas and details—evolving your ideas into something more grandiose and spectacular. She can come up with options you hadn’t thought of or didn’t even know existed.

8. Well Connected

Wedding Planners have many valuable connections and receive significant discounts on a variety of services and items. They have first-hand knowledge of the vendors in the area that are reliable, affordable, and provide the best product and service for your special day.

9. Keep the Peace 

A Wedding Planner can tactfully run interference between the wedding couple and opinionated relatives.  Their job isn’t to share their opinions or give advice like your friends and family, they assist you in finding your own desires and to have the wedding of your dreams. The Wedding Planner isn’t there to control, but to offer guidance.

10. Attention to Detail

Hiring a wedding planner can offer the couple a great deal of support during what can be a stressful time and offer attention to detail that you just can’t get from anyone else. They are trained professionals and notice things that you won’t have time for or others may miss.

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Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas

January 24, 2014 • Weddings0 Comments

While our recent below zero temperatures may not seem like the time to discuss outdoor weddings, it is surprisingly the ideal time to start planning for the outdoor spring, summer, and fall weddings of 2014.  Actually, some of the creative outdoor wedding ideas I am about to share will make you yearn for warmer temperatures and help recall what we love so much about these warmer months.


Outdoor weddings open the door to unique and creative touches for your wedding ceremonies and receptions. The outdoor greenery offers the perfect backdrop for your bright beautiful flowers, decorations against your stark white linens, china and wedding dress. You can also offer creative outdoor favors for your wedding ceremony guests such as sunglasses, shade umbrellas, or lemonade. And, outdoor night weddings can offer opportunities for unique string lights or romantic candle lighting. If you are contemplating an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or receptions, consider The Herrington Inn & Spa—the perfect waterfront wedding venue nestled on the Fox River in beautiful Geneva, Illinois. You can use the following links below to browse photo galleries of amazing outdoor wedding ideas. Enjoy and get inspired!