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Veteran Catering Team of Shodeen Hospitality ready for Engagement Season

December 20, 2011 • Special EventsUncategorized0 Comments

Engagement season is almost here and the Herrington Inn & Spa’s Deanne Mitchell and Riverside Reception’s Tina Drzonek are anticipating the blitz of calls from those newly engaged this holiday season who are looking for a waterfront location in Geneva to exchange their nuptuials.

With almost 50 years of experience between the two wedding planners, the formula for a successful wedding has been perfected through sheer experience and a persistent resolve for success.  “We are very fortunate to have two of the suburbs most talented catering directors working for the same company.  With issues beyond their control such as eleventh hour input from Mother Nature, everything doesn’t always go as planned behind the scenes.  However, these two have a way of making sure no one has even an inkling that the trellis under which the bride and groom just exchanged vows had actually been blown into the river by heavy winds an hour earlier.” stated Paul Ruby VP of operations for Shodeen Hospitality.  “These two have plenty of moxie, and they don’t rattle easily.”

Deanne began her catering career at the Ambassador West Hotel in the mid 80’s, and has been The Herrington Inn & Spa’s “Director of Romance” for the past 12 years.  She has built such strong bonds with her couples and often plans the baby showers and anniversary parties of previous wedding reception clients.  Although Deanne has endured very few actual “bridezillas”, she hones her expertise on the likes of: a missing groom who was found fishing in the Fox River to calm his nerves; an encroaching funnel cloud during an outdoor ceremony; and a dive bombing Red Wing Black Bird protecting her nest.  Deanne is known best for keeping her composure and more importantly, putting brides & grooms at ease.

Tina worked in private country clubs prior to her arrival at Riverside Receptions in 1999 has also overcome near-catasrophic challenges such as lifting red wine stains out of a wedding dress 15 minutes before a ceremony, calming a crying flower girls with the promise of ice cream, fixing hair do’s that just don’t, and subbing for a DJ that got caught in a winter storm.  Having planned over 1,000 weddings during her career there are not too many situations that Tina hasn’t experienced and persevered through.  “I love turning challenges into beautiful memories.  Those are the weddings I remember the most”.

Though words alone cannot describe the quantity of time some spend planning and preparing, we’ve learn to expect the unexpected.  Having a seasoned wedding planner at your side with safety pins, breath mints, hair spray and tuxedo buttons at their ready is literally priceless when the camera starts to roll on your special day.  Deanne and Tina are here to meet the Engagement Season with combined expertise and confidence that’s only earned by having met every challenge imaginable to make that special day perfect and for everyone.  No one in the entire room will be able to tell that the rip in the bride’s dress was fixed with a stapler just moments earlier. 

 Tina can be reached at 630-262-8317

Deanne can be reached at 630-208-7433