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Sustainable, Responsible Fishery selected by Atwater’s Chef Jason Tsoris in Geneva, IL

March 7, 2013 • Uncategorized0 Comments

After spending the first two months of the year shopping for the best seafood purveyor, responsibility and sustainability are the reasons that Chef Jason Tsoris has selected a brand new seafood partner from Honolulu.

Chef Jason Tsoris explained his selection of his new purveyor: “Norpac Fisheries incorporates best practices as they relate to both fishing, employment, and client services.  We have a responsibility here in the midwest to ensure our product is the freshest possible, using methods that will sustain the supply of fresh seafood.”

This week, Chef is featuring Hawaiian Lehi Snapper on his special menu in Atwater’s.  He feels that Norpac shares his dedication to providing clients with the freshest, highest quality seafood products that have passed rigorous quality control testing.

Chef Jason’s sense of humor is still in tact after his arduous search for “It’s funny but because of the time change between Hawaii and Illinois, we can now serve seafood in Atwater’s before it is even caught from the water.  You can’t get it fresher anywhere else!”