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Fox River Bald Eagles

February 23, 2012 • Uncategorized0 Comments

Not to get completely off the subject of hospitality, but these beautiful and majestic symbols of our freedom deserve a mention!

This writer is fortunate enough to have a beautiful drive south on Route 31 in the morning.  I’ve noticed the eagles moving slowly from north to south as they find sustenance in and around The Fox River. 

Earlier this week, my eyes fixated on the largest pair of bald eagles I have ever seen sitting near the top of a tree.  They were so large, from further away they looked like a pair of toddlers perched.  Upon closer investigation, they were the elusive magnificent creatures that come to see us once a year.  Larger than life, these beautiful birds can make your heart skip a beat with their inherent grace, precision, and purpose.

Eagles in the Fox River Valley

Nicknamed "George and Martha" photograph by Maureen Himmel