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Best Spa in Illinois?

January 25, 2012 • Uncategorized0 Comments

This is a question we have asked ourselves through the years.  Where is the very best spa in Illinois?  We consistenly read about the “best of” and “reader’s choice” awards, (the Spa at The Herrington is fortunate enough to rank in Geneva, IL among fierce competition!)  but is there truly one Spa in the great land of Lincoln that stands head and shoulders above the rest?

What would it take to find out?  Let’s explore the options:  In the writer’s humble opinion, we need four things: 

  1. Individuals who enjoy spa treatments, or at the very least those who enjoy spending several hours lounging in a comfortable robe, seeking “serenity now.”
  2. A predermined “report card” of spa elements that contribute to being “the best” such as ambience,  range of services, amenities, etc.
  3.  A list of those Spas worthy enough to be considered
  4.  Sponsorship for those lucky to be part of #1  🙂

Do we need anything else?  Who’s coming with me?