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How green is your favorite hotel?

January 27, 2012 • Hotels & TravelLocal Attractions0 Comments

The sustainability or environmentally friendliness of a hotel is becoming an increasingly more important factor in the decision-making process of a traveler. 

Since 2009, The U.S. Green Building Council has implemented a rating system called LEED “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” for hotels to achieve certification.

With most major online travel agencies offering a search preference for “green” hotels, it’s important for us hotels to put our best foot forward!  This option of “sustainability” is now a factor to be considered by travelers, though many have no idea how a hotel’s “green” practices actually affect their stay.

It can potentially mean the following: The hotel where you are staying may recycle; it may have a water conservation program in place; and it may have been built from the ground up using sustainable materials.

It also potentially means that the quality of indoor air is possibly better for you to breathe.  It also could mean that you have to decide whether or not you’d like your sheets and towels washed each day of your stay, and if you like a power shower, the flow may be lower than you would typically expect. If you like a bright light for certain activities, you may not have as much as you need.

Hotels that have adopted green practices from the ground up no doubt have considerable advantage in their market.  On the other hand, some hotels with a high historical value may incur far too much expense to attempt to retrofit a building that did not have sustainability in mind at its inception.

How green is your favorite hotel?  Do you know, and does it matter?

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