Unbridling Beatrix

Geneva, IL Hotel has “Cows on Parade” Mascot on display in lobby

One of the most legendary love stories is proudly on display here at The Herrington Inn & Spa. “Unbridling Beatrix” is the name of the hotel mascot located near the lobby bar of our hotel.

Beatrix is the “cream of the crop” of the collection of “Cows on Parade” from Chicago’s exhibit in 1999. Beatrix is artfully spotted with Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet. We could not think of a better place to carry on the tradition of this love story than the very romantic Herrington Inn & Spa in Chicago’s western suburb of Geneva.

When the owners of The Herrington Inn & Spa went to bid on Beatrix at auction, they only had eyes for her. To bring such a notable piece of art that illustrates one of the greatest love stories of our time was actually their second intent. Winning the bovine treasure and positioning her as the focal point of our hotel lobby was the primary goal. This property was the site of the original Geneva dairy, circa 1865. It’s very important to keep history and tradition alive here where romance and magic is always in the air.

When coming to visit Beatrix in our lobby, look pasteurize at the artistry, you can see the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, and the warm, broad golden strokes that adorn Beatrix are in exact accordance with the golden shades that adorn the walls of The Herrington Inn; it’s almost as if Artist Shari Swartz serendipitously painted the cow exclusively for us!