Enjoy Geneva’s Best Breakfast

Atwater’s Breakfast Menu



sliced seasonal fruits, melons, and berries  5

ruby red grapefruit segments  4

seasonal berry yogurt with granola  6

grilled Virginia ham, corned beef hash, applewood-smoked bacon, or pork sausage  3

English muffin or toasted bagel  3

Irish oatmeal with brown sugar, dried berries, mixed nuts, fresh berries or sliced bananas  6



smoked salmon and toasted bagel with caper berries,

tomato, red onion, goat cheese, and cream cheese  12

traditional breakfast with two farm eggs any style,

 applewood-smoked bacon or pork sausage,

breakfast potatoes and your choice of toast  9

                                                                   farmer’s eggs benedict with

lox and arugula with citrus dill hollandaise   13

grilled filet and wilted spinach with horseradish hollandaise   13

pulled pork with onion straws, coleslaw, bbq hollandaise   15

seared ahi tuna, avocado, chile miso hollandaise   15

sautéed spinach, mushroom, parmesan, tomato choron   13

three egg omelet made to order   10

duck confit, scallion and smoked gouda   11

chorizo, jalapeno, chihuahua cheese, salsa     9

greek feta, garlic, spinach     9

crab, artichoke, brie   12

two farm eggs ranchero-style, served over-easy on flour tortillas with

refried beans and finished with pico de gallo and melted cheeses  9

brioche french toast filled with fresh strawberry jam and

served with seasonal fresh fruit  9

buttermilk pancakes served plain, blueberry, or

banana and georgia pecans with vermont maple syrup  9

beef tenderloin with two farm fresh eggs any style,

breakfast potatoes and hollandaise sauce  14

*Menu as of 12/2/15*